Weed (album)

Weed (album)

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Adam’s most recent album is a more reflective collection of songs on the other end of hard times. Weed is a 14 track album that found Adam at the start of the next chapter in his life.

Album comes in a zip file for delivery. No returns.

  1. Breathe Deep

  2. Weed

  3. Together

  4. Change My Ways

  5. Runaway

  6. From Here On Out (It’s Only You)

  7. Nothing More to Lose

  8. A Lot to Learn

  9. Real

  10. You’re In Love With Me

  11. Too Hard to Tell

  12. Like A Bird

  13. Jiminy

  14. After You Go (electric)

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Below are two of the fourteen songs found on Weed.